About Us

The foundation stone of DB Support was laid a few years back in 2000, where this support venture was itself backed by two leading DBAs with rich DBA experience background had already realized the fact that to offer a huge remote DB Support Network to large entrepreneurs, it was essential to first co-operate & fully support the ideas of each other. Having faith in each other heads of division put forth their best efforts to initiate the venture with 2 DBA’s. The concept to start with a scratch seemed practically impossible, but the proficiency of services offered at DB Support enabled it to expand from 2 to 120 DBA’s within a short time constraint. All the employees working under the roof top of DB Support are certified database experts backed with authenticated certifications by Microsoft & Oracle as well as experience of several years. Though we connect the potential clients with secure DB Support services through our base of operations in USA and India, but our consistent efforts to add to our customers satisfaction has resulted in a customer base all across the world.

What We Do

Our core business is to remotely manage the databases of oracle apps, MYSQL, SQL Server, AWS, and all other non-oracle apps followed by a server administration backed by windows server to storage support. We not only undertake the responsibility of the availability of our client’s production databases, but we also make sure that they are operating flawlessly when you need them. We take responsibility of, and feel pride in delivering quality enduring services not to clench the client in our fist, but to tie him in a long-term business relationship with DB Support.

Our Services

A reflection of our expertise can be glanced in our value added services of:
• Database Support
• Database Hosting
• Emergency Database Support
• Database Consulting
• Desktop Support
• Network Support
• Server Administration

Our Approach

The working approach at DB Support is extremely responsive, flexible & flawless. We do not merely highlight your problems, but live with them until they are resolved to your satisfaction. Our extensive remote DB’s ongoing support network makes sure that nothing is “lost down the cracks”. We eradicate your problems of recruitment or retention of DBAs, giving you an even better environment of remotely managed services backed by an experienced staff of Microsoft & Oracle certified DBAs.

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