Amazon Webservices Faq

The following AWS FAQs can help you to answer the commonly raised questions as well as to know the in-depth statistics of Amazon Webservices:

Q: What is Amazon Web Services?

A: AWS are a collection of remote computing services, giving you a choice to choose your desirable programming model/platform, and are offered over the web at

Q: Does DB Support use AWS internally?

A: Yes, DB Support uses AWS in its internal infrastructure strategy.

Q: Are Amazon Web Services Secure?

A: DB Support provides end-to-end security & end-to-end privacy using the best Amazon Web Services security practices of safeguard features for your databases.

Q: What are the performance concerns of AWS?

A: There are no performance concerns surrounding Amazon Web Services.

Q: Has database vendors officially certified Amazon Web Services?

A: Oracle, MySQL, SQL server are few examples of database vendors that officially certified AWS, and a lot more DB vendors carry the list forward.

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