Network Support

Our Network Support works on a 3-phase cycle where we operate, monitor and secure your corporate Network from fraudsters and hackers. We understand the uniqueness of every client’s enterprise, each requiring a unique network support plan. Therefore, we assign a dedicated Network Architects to remotely cater the networking, operations, overseeing, and corporate security services of your Corporate network. Our Network Support runs on three main departments:

• Network Operations Center
• Network Monitoring Services
• Network Security Services

Network Operations Center

Network Operations Center involves;
➢ On time & on budget remote network management initiatives
➢ Small investments followed by a large network of dynamic solutions to cater the importance of network connectivity while securely safeguarding all Computer devices inside the corporate network.
➢ Allow you to focus on your functionality on stage, while we focus on your internal corporate networking remotely.

Network Monitoring Services

We not only offer one point remote network monitoring for your corporate network, but multiple monitoring points operated from operation centers all over globe USA, Europe and India. A 24/7 monitoring by our Network Engineers provide immediate alerts & notifications on network outages, poor performances or network outages.

Network Security Services

Network Security Services safeguard your corporate Network integrity from cyber intrusion, malicious internal or external attacks that can harm the repute of your IT infrastructure, cause annoying downtime errors due to machine failures and catastrophic data loss. Our proactive network security Service desk remains alert to give you round the clock Network support services, and preserve your precious data from any e-fraudulent acts.

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