Server Administration

Server Administration at DB Support is a vast domain that is remotely handled by our Microsoft & Oracle certified server administrators. Our Server Administration covers the admin management of 3 different Server Environments.

• Windows Server Support
• MS Exchange Server Support
• Active Directory Support
• VM Ware Support
• Sun Solaris Support
• Linux Server Support
• Storage Support

Windows Server Support

Windows Server Support is backed by multiple windows server installation deployments managing your critical server queries. We understand the peculiarity of your MS Windows environment, and our Microsoft certified Administrators are an evidence of that understanding!

MS Exchange Server Support

Our Microsoft certified Exchange administrators are backed by an experience of years in the domain of MS Exchange Server Support. We make sure that your exchange server is running smoothly by analyzing & fixation of any petty issues that can become bottlenecks in future!

Active Directory Support

Active Directory involves multiple domains & Security administration, with limited or complete access to users engaged in a single domain. With our active directory support we give you the power to limit the access of your Business users to either single domain, or expand it to multiple domains, while ensuring that we follow your corporate security policy in accessing domains.

VM Ware Support

Our Virtualization Experts bring vast experience in Creating Virtual IT Infrastructure while reducing your carbon footprint. Our Valuable Virtualization solutions not only bring Green Computing we support your environment by commissioning new servers based on your requirement on the fly.

Sun Solaris Support

Sun Solaris Support provides you a dedicated Sun Solaris expert to ensure a 24/7 operating system upgrades, software optimization & configuration, database security & work management, e-mail configuration, and anything related to Solaris!

Linux Server Support

Linux Server Support team not only delivers you the Linux Server solutions verbally, but log onto your web server, and actually fixes the bug disturbing your DB Server Administration!

Storage Support

Storage Support not only stores the data powerhouse of your databases, but makes sure to keep it confidential, secure, and up-to-date via our back and support team that shows exceptional commitment towards business continuity, irrespective of increasing DB challenges.

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